Smith and Jones (3.1, 2007)

David Tennant (The Doctor)

I knew Freema, not particularly well but we’d worked together for a couple of days and she’d been great, and then the powers-that-be indicated that they wanted to audition her for Martha. But of course it was all top secret. I think she did two auditions where she was told she was auditioning for ‘Torchwood’, but at her final audition she was finally told ‘Actually, you’re auditioning for ‘Doctor Who” and we had to do a screentest – that makes it sound terribly posh, it was in our producer’s flat in Cardiff.

Again it was all top secret, with a little video camera on a tripod and we sat on Phil’s sofa and did a scene from… ‘The Impossible Planet’, one of last year’s scripts, and it was around the time that Billie and I were filming the actual scene, very odd, slightly surreal, but it was exciting because the cloak and dagger can be a bit exhausing but it’s fun.

the Doctor is still slightly in mourning for Rose and thinks he doesn’t need a companion. I think he’s had a bit of a wake-up call with Donna in ‘The Runaway Bride’, when he sort of got a bit carried away and she stopped him from torturing the Racnoss to extinction. So he’s in a slightly dark place when he meets Martha. I think when he met Rose he was looking for a friend, he was looking for someone to share time and space with. Although he is in that position when he meets Martha, he doesn’t think he is, so it’s up to her to make herself indispensible, which she does. She’s a little bit older, she’s a little bit more front-foot in saying how she feels to the Doctor, which of course freaks him out completely, him being this a-sexual being he doesn’t quite get it when she talks about how he looks in his suit, things like that really don’t compute with the Doctor. And as you’ll see, he keeps threatening to drop her off. He’s guarded with her, but I think Martha knows what he needs more than he does.



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